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-Established by McKenna Marquis in 2021-

-Event Response Services of San Diego-

-Fully staffed with

-Certified, and licensed professional emergency medical team-

-Staff performs with full safety precautions-

-Trained for MCI planning-

-Medical equipment is kept up to date and in service-

-All employees are working towards their PA, Firefighter1, Doctorates Degree, and beyond-

-Knowledgeable of ALL venues across San Diego-

-Works directly with Falck ALS, BLS, City and County Fire, and Police 

-Provides the best emergency medical services,

for the citizens of San Diego while they attend their favorite events- 

About the Owner


McKenna Marquis

 2021 she started her own company to provide the most professional, and knowledgeable medical coverage for a city that she has grown to love. 

Dedicating her time to learning from the best emergency medical providers in the city, along with teaching her employees how to be the best event response company in San Diego.

With over a decade+ of experience we are here to serve the community while they enjoy themselves at their favorite events. 

 - Native American-


-Woman Owned-


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What They're Saying

Professional services all around!

"ERSSD showed up prior to call time, provided all the necessary medical equipment, and interacted with guests professionally. They were all kind and made the patients feel safe and taken care of!" 

Nathan Wilson-Brew Fest San Diego

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